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Volker LiedtkeWhat is the Upper Palatinate culture? The tradition of the Bavarian north gulf, the Protestant culture of the Electorate of Palatinate, and its affiliation with the old Bavarians since Maximilian I? In the Oberpfälzer Kulturbund, we want to cultivate and further develop all these traditions, which have been part of the Egerländer since ancient times. Our grandchildren will also ask us what we have added to our ancient cultural heritage, what we have done to keep our culture alive and to continue our contemporary development.

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The Upper Palatinate is now in the middle of the new Europe, we can again exchange with our Bohemian neighbors over many transitions and "bridges". Only those who appreciate and cultivate their own culture also have an understanding for the independent culture of their neighbors and can contribute something to the cultural exchange. The Oberpfälzer Kulturbund would also like to promote this exchange with the help of this Internet portal, in which we not only introduce ourselves and our members, but in particular offer a link to all aspects of the Upper Palatinate culture and home care.

In this cultural portal of the Oberpfälzer Kulturbundes you will find extensive information in the future. Visit us on our site and help us to set up further information and add incomplete entries. We would be delighted if you would contribute to the active care of our Upper Palatinate culture.

Volker Liedtke
Volker Liedtke
(President of the Oberpfälzer Kulturbundes eV)




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